How to drive customer engagement in 2019?

28 stycznia 2019 11:57

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1 lutego 2019 15:41

Attracting customers is the primary task of any business and entrepreneur. Digital marketing does not stand still, and every year there is a huge amount of new ways and tools to attract sales. But many specialists and directors have a question: what trends in attracting the target audience will be in trend in 2019?


  1. Social networks - Instagram, Facebook

Social networks have turned the lives of modern people upside down, while opening up access to an unlimited amount of information and opportunities to interact with each other. Without exaggeration, we can say that soc. The networks set the pace for modern business and began to dictate their own rules, forcing virtually all companies to re-evaluate markets and methods of interaction with customers.

  1. YouTube

You ask why we decided to separate YouTube from social networks. The answer is simple: this video hosting service is fundamentally different from the standard understanding of social services. networks and offers other tools for interacting with potential audiences. You can run your YouTube channel, or just use this service as an advertising platform, but one way or another - it’s impossible to ignore this portal as a tool for Internet marketing.

  1. Email marketing

One of the most "ancient" and at the same time effective tools, which allows you to interact with potential or already realized clients with minimal budget expenditures. The mechanism of e-mail marketing is very simple: in the course of your organization’s activities, you accumulate a customer base. With proper segmentation of your customers' data, you will be able to implement targeted e-mails to various target audiences, thereby opening up wide opportunities for personalizing your calls to customers.

  1. Contact marketing

A new and possibly the most underestimated type of marketing activity. This method of attracting customers is rapidly gaining momentum due to the minimum budget costs for advertising campaigns with incredibly high ROI (return on investment).