How to create accurate customer personas?

28 stycznia 2019 14:03

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18 lutego 2019 10:58

Creating customer personas is a good way to segment your clients. Based on social demographic data, customers’ interests and any other relevant information you build something like a real person. This approach helps with better understanding your potential clients and see them differently rather than just data but the person who hide behind it. It also allows defining your target group. So how to create accurate customer personas?

1) Start with the research
With no extended research, only you can do is guessing. And this is probably not the best option. Projecting the persona is preceded by research, both quantitative and quality. First, you have to do is to create a questionnaire. Collected statistics help with grouping all the information, dividing your target into groups, and focusing on the next step better, which is quality research. This can be done by observation, individual interviews or even usability test (during which people behavior while using the product can be observed).

2) Analyze your collected data
Find any similarities such as sex, age, education, profession, marital status, place of residence, material status, problems, interests, values etc. Gather as much information as you can and try to divide your customers into more homogenous groups.

3) Make descriptions
Before you start creating person descriptions, follow the patterns that appeared in your analysis. These are the core of the descriptions you should make. Remember that your descriptions should be concise and each persona must be very different from each other.

4) Focus on the details
Remember that every persona should be described in details. She/he has to have a name, short bio, and history. Each of your personas must represent the essence of groups created based on your previous research.