How to create a call-to-action button for B2B?

28 stycznia 2019 13:20

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18 lutego 2019 10:43

In B2B business, not many website visitors convert into leads. People are more careful with what they want and don’t really need to get more information as they see on the site. Whether your offer is, you should definitely work on your call-to-action and try to find that one solution that increases the number of generated leads to some percents. So, how to create the best call-to-action button for B2B marketing? Here are some tips:

The design
Consider what can you do to stand out and make the design eye-catching. Avoid using the same could as your background is. Opposite colors work best but it doesn’t have to be the one and best option for you. Remember that the design must be visually adapted to the rest of your site.

The message
A good and convincing message is key. Avoid making it general like "click" or "click here". Try to explain the results of the clicking. "Buy now", "Check the offer" would probably be more effective. Use the time pressure technique by adding "now" or "only 7 hours left". Although many people consider them artificial, try to emphasize the magic word "free". It still works, even in B2B.

The place
There’s no one, right place where call-to-action should be placed because it depends on many factors (such as creation and context). But there are places that you should avoid — the left side. Visitor’s eyes are commonly directed to the right and that is where you should put your CTA.

The content
When you don’t have valuable content and a good offer, even the perfect CTA wouldn’t help. If you try new CTA versions and none of them is working, the reason can be somewhere else. Focus on improving your offer and then change your CTA. B2B clients are more suspicious and less eager to sign in every time they have the chance.