How to build strong customer relationships?

19 grudnia 2018 11:12

Any tips or ideas?

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19 grudnia 2018 11:14

Acquiring a customer is just a first step in a hopefully long and profitable relationship. You should know how to build and maintain a strong relationship with people after they make their initial decision to trust you. Here are a few pieces of advice on how to do that. #1 Set up convenient communication channels and use them. Create profiles on social media, including your email address whenever possible and create convenient contact forms on your website. Become available. Respond to emails in a timely fashion. Acknowledge feedback like reviews and complaints. Make your customers used to the idea they can talk to you. In case of a mishap, they will likely do that before deciding to choose your competitor. #2 Show appreciation. Create incentives for future purchases, by offering small discounts after the first transaction. Establish a loyalty program. “Free shipping every third purchase!” sounds alluring and will make your customer come back to you to not miss out on his reward. Try to make post-purchase emails feel personalized. The point is to create a connection your customer will want to maintain. Spamming his inbox daily with obnoxious messages is definitely not the way to go. Make them feel special and worthwhile. Combine plain text with subtle, HTML based recommendations. #3 Be consistent. Popular advice to “under-promise and over-deliver” has its merits at the beginning of a relationship, but is not necessarily a good long-term practice. The initial appreciation will quickly turn into a new baseline expectation. And if you don’t keep over-delivering, you’ll disappoint. So promise what you know you can deliver consistently, and don’t slip up. If there is an unavoidable delay, inform about it and apologize. Trust is the key to return purchases, good online reviews and building your reputation.