How to build an online community?

11 grudnia 2018 11:06

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15 stycznia 2019 15:07

While your audience creates people visiting and passively coming through your content, the community is named for engaged visitors, staying in contact together and exchanging thoughts in one place on the Internet. These are people that discuss what you publish, share the content and keeps coming back.

Nowadays people look for recommendations any time they chose a product, service or even blog they read on a lazy, Sunday afternoon. Community helps to generate new leads and improve customer retention rate. There’s no doubt it’s really worthwhile to build that.

But how to start?

#1 Find a place for your community Decide whether it’s better to create a special place on your business website or direct whole traffic to social media. Take under consideration which channel your visitors prefer and what’s the easiest way to find your group. For example, if you build a facebook group, it’s much easier to get involved or invite friends than when you create a closed forum, requiring previous registration.

#2 Invite people While sending a massive invitation is the easiest way from your perspective, your audience may feel spammed. Remember that every member matter so tries to invite people personally or if you must automate, keep it simple. Avoid HTML emails template and get back to plain text emails. It will give a more emotional and intimate message.

#3 Create communication rules Set the style and tone for your group by creating a description and clear rules. It gives huge support for new members and this is something that people can recall in case of arguments or spam on the forum.

#4 Build engagement If you want people to engage, you need to show engagement too. Your group expects you don’t leave them alone. Propose discussions, publish new topics and pictures. Create internal traditions for your group. How? Remind your community about special dates or, for example, if you are a fitness blogger you can prepare ‘Active Sunday’ or any other repetitive event. Great effects bring videos. Start recording short movies, even though you don’t have professional equipment, and post it on your group. When people can put a face to your name they will trust you more and your communication become more personal.