How to build a successful customer marketing plan?

1 lutego 2019 11:56

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24 lutego 2019 23:52

A customer marketing plan is a document in which the company's marketing strategy has been formulated. It may apply to the entire range offered (most often in the case of a new business) or a specific product and service. A marketing plan is one of the key elements of any business plan. It is usually prepared by the owner of the company, manager or a team of specialists with the participation of management, and is prepared mainly for potential investors who can finance the planned project.


As with any plan, the following steps can be distinguished when creating a customer marketing plan:

  • Getting to know and defining the company's strategic goals
  • Collecting information about the company
  • Gathering information about the company's environment (market analysis)
  • Conducting SWOT analysis and market segmentation
  • Defining assumptions, marketing goals, and expected results
  • Creating a marketing strategy and action plan
  • Development of the budget as well as financial and investment forecasts
  • Plan control and update procedures


However, before you go through the above-mentioned stages of creating a marketing plan, it is necessary to prepare an appropriate plan structure:


  • The sample structure of the discussed document consists of the following elements of the marketing plan:
  • Summary of the marketing plan
  • Analysis of the situation
  • Marketing goals
  • Marketing strategy
  • Schedule of implementation
  • Budget
  • Control and updating procedures


The development of the above-mentioned parts is not the easiest task, as it requires the combination of various types of data both from the inside of the company and from its external environment. The task is more difficult if you plan to start your own business. When preparing a business plan, especially a part regarding marketing strategy, you should have knowledge about the market segment in which you want to operate, offering your goods or services.