How to become a professional blogger?

20 grudnia 2018 14:40


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20 grudnia 2018 14:41

In general, blogging is about sharing a knowledge with the world. But nowadays it is also a profitable business, that allows to make money from home and find a community to share hobbies or interests with. Now when competition grows fast, you need to create a good strategy to run a successful blog: #1 Chose blogging area and your website name What kind of content would you like to publish? It would be your personal blog, a page about a hobby or life experience and tips. When it comes to the website name, you can choose between using your full name and brand yourself by blog or pick some descriptive phrase that shows the blog topic. Both options are good as long as the name is easy to remember. #2 Register Select hosting and register the blog. Chose the software to build the blog. It’s the time to decide if you need an advanced platform offering multiple features or rather something simple and easy to manage. #3 Personalize your blog Here the fun starts! You need to choose a template for your blog and add personality to your blog. #4 Publish your first post. The fun part! Your first post should be different than others. If you want that people trust you and read what you published, tell them who you are. Present yourself, write about your previous experiences. Who you are as a person? Tell your audience what do you want to blog about and don't hide behind the words. People appreciate the truth. #5 Promote your blog Fan page in social media is a must if you want to stay in touch with your visitors. It’s also the best way to find new followers. To be authentic for your audience, you need to communicate on all your social media profiles, in the same way, like on your blog. Don’t think that email marketing is only for e-commerce companies! Collect email addresses from your followers and use them to promote new posts. Implementing these tips is 50% of your success as a professional blogger. What's the other 50%? It’s a passion! If you love what you do, people understand it instantly. Good luck!