Do you have a Gclid?

16 stycznia 2019 22:25

Also, I wonder how I can manage my conversions in a better way? How do you attribute the conversion event to the first landing page or which utm it came from?

Scenerio: I submit custom event, with the conversion, I want to get analytics of where those conversions has came from, you have the data in your database, but I need to see it more clearly, the way I am doing it now is manually. 

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16 stycznia 2019 22:46 allows you to grab the last source entrance dynamically from URL user have entered. If construction od URL goes like: System will automatically grab the value of attributes and save it in user profile.

So if you create attributes like:

- utm_campaign

- utm_source

- utm_medium

- gclid

- fbclid

It will automatically save it in user attribute.

Based on that you can use this data in automation, show for examples some pop-ups only to users who came from paid sources.

It also gives you another option, you can use it in snippet tags in for example naming your automatically created deal, you just have to use Sippet tags