Cyber Monday Marketing Ideas?

19 grudnia 2018 12:01

Cyber Monday is Monday, coming after Black Friday, which gives the start of the sales season in the United States, between Thanksgiving Day and Christmas. If Black Friday is associated with the traditional peak of retail sales in regular stores, then Cyber Monday means a busy day in the online retail segment, in online stores that offer products at discounted prices. For several years this has been the most profitable day for the e-commerce industry in the United States. If you run an online store, it is definitely worth being interested in this holiday, which is gaining more and more popularity. On this occasion, there are a few examples of effective marketing campaigns, tips, and advice that will help you attract customers to your store. Remember - once a customer can turn into a regular customer who will come back to your website or store many times! First of all - email marketing! What you should focus primarily on is properly structured and prepared mailing. This is extremely important, Research shows that most online stores send mailing only on public holidays, which is not an optimal situation - a campaign conducted in advance has a better chance of success. Second - social media! Social media also give amazing opportunities to promote our activities related to Cyber Monday. Their great advantage is the ability to present the latest promotions and stock status of products in real time. Third - landing page! A very interesting marketing solution related to Cyber Monday is to create a landing page related to this holiday. The websites that introduce limited time sales, along with the time counter, which remained until the end/start of a new sale, are very popular among customers. These types of websites have the element of fun, a game that makes users willing to stay on them for a long time. Remember that Cyber Monday primarily involves simple tricks - attracting the customer with price and promotions. Hence the most important and basic steps you need to think about are: discounts, free gadgets free shipping loyalty program special service method Do not forget about these steps, combine them with appropriate communication using social media and mailing, and the success associated with Cyber Monday will exceed your expectations.