Chatbot or live chat - pros and cons

21 stycznia 2019 13:08

Which solution is better? What are the main benefits and disadvantages of both solutions?

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21 stycznia 2019 13:09

Chatbots and live chat continue to rise in popularity. Both options allow to faster and more convenient contact of the customer with the company and make that contact very personalized. But, which option suits best for you? Here are some pros and cons of both solutions:


Chatbot – it is an artificial intelligence software that simulates a conversation with the customer through messaging application. The most common platform for adapting chatbots is Facebook Messenger.


•    You don’t need human supervision anymore – the software is responsible for responding to basic questions, so it is no need to hire any extra employees. 

•    Quick response to the customer – chatbot answers questions in real time, so your customers don’t have to wait for help.

•    The ability to handle multi-language support - well-translated chatbot will help you to connect with clients from any part of the world


•    High possibility of misunderstandings – there’s a lot of funny print screens of people’s conversations with chatbots. Not every question can be understood by the machine and that leads to frustration of the clients.

•    Limited responses – they’re just not perfect. Simple chatbots have only limited responses for the most frequent questions the customers can ask, so they won’t get all the answers they are searching for.


Live chat – it is a more humanized version of chat. You don’t deal with the machine but the real employee of the company who helps with any customer problems in real time.


•    Human interaction – customers are interacting with an actual human, so the conversation is more genuine. It also allows emotional expression with avoiding mechanical answers and misunderstandings. 

•    Better customer support – live chats are just more effective customer support tool because of the presence of a real person who can understand and classify problem of the customer and solve a variety of requests.

•    Higher quality of communication – that leads to forge a meaningful relationship with the customer.


•    Limited availability – unless you have the budget to afford a 24/7 support staff of course. If you don’t – the customers just have to wait or try to contact you another way.

•    Requires hiring and training support team – this process can be time and money consuming. New hires must be educated not only about your company itself but (what is more important) how to help the customers with various problems they might have.

•    Problems with handling questions of multi-language customers – there’s no way to handle multiple languages with efficiency, you must pick the most common ones.


What is best for your company?

There is no right answer to this question. For some brands, especially those small ones, chatbot will be enough option. When the probability of asking various and complex customer questions is higher, it is worth investing more in live chat and depends on your employees’ experience and ability to help.