Getting started with Android SDK

Use SDK in your own Android mobile apps.

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  • What is Userengage SDK?

    Userengage SDK is set of methods and programming tools that allow to override custom actions and event in your Mobile Application so in our case it is able to send or receive some data in the way you want.

    It allow you to:

    • Collect data about users and it's devices
    • Track custom events and mobile screen events
    • Sending Push Notification Campaigns
    • Sending In App Messages Campaigns
  • Before we start

    For further steps and use of our SDK, you will need to have already created app. You also have to generate Mobile SDK Authentication token and Firebase Cloud Messaging key that are described below

  • What I'll find in here?
    • Instructions, on how to add SDK to your project.
    • How to create SDK API key and Firebase Cloud Messaging key.
    • Code examples, explaining what they do, including example data.
    • Each method, endpoint and function explained.
  • Get your SDK API Key
    Before you will be able to start using Mobile SDK you have to generate mobile sdk authorization token in application’s settings under the following url: https://<your_app_subdomain>

    SDK API key is always 64 char long.

  • Get your Firebase Cloud Messagin Key To be able to send Push Notifications You should generate Firebase Cloud Messaging Key and paste it in Userengage web panel under the following url: https://<your_app_subdomain> Following Key can be generated in Google Firebase Console after creating new project .

    You can save only key with 174characters (Main condition of valid key)

  • Getting help

    Please take the time to read through our documentation before doing anything, but if you find yourself stuck somewhere along the way or have feedback you'd like to give us, please feel free to message us.