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Filter through

Simple or complex

Don't matter if you want to filter using a single one or multiple attributes, use behaviour related data, particular activites or other CRM events. The system will serve your data in the blink of an eye.

Segments are breathtaking

Multiple filters contained of custom or standard attributes create segment with agent visibility options. It's just awesome.

You are able to filter your users through...

Standard attributes

Our system will automatically update a lot of standard attributes like 1st seen, last seen, created at, last contacted, broser version, language.

Custom attribute

You can set up your custom characteristcs of your users and store them in the system. Those attributes can have different data types.


Each action the user performed on a website will be saved in his profile. You can filter through the date of 1st and last occurance.

Events attributes

If the event is "watch_video”, the attribute of that event will be the title of this video and you can filter users who watched only videos with specific tittles.


You can filters users depending on the specific stage in the sales pipeline they is currently on.


Check if specific activity of your team was performed with this particular user. Did they have a demo or not.


You are able to filter users based on interaction with each of your products or a specific product category. Have they bought some Nike clothing?


Grouping users by companies allows you to aggregate data of employees of specific organization. Show the users working for a particular company in the heath industry.

Filtering in automations

Use filter module during creating any automation. It helps you to run automation only for a specified group of visitors.

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Limitless analytics

You can create unlimited microsegments of your users in your database and track how those macrosegment perform using dashborads and statisctics module.

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Filter through different datasets


Create custom attribute of company and segment your companies, not only users.


Segment contracts. It's esspecialy useful when you sell severral times to one company or in one organization you have several users.


Check what product are most often purchased or seen. Compare it with specific attribute or category.

Agregate data to analyze it

If a user has purchased several items, you can automatically sum up the value of each transaction and save it as an LTV on their attributes. You can aggregate it per company or even show the income of your whole business.

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