Personalized sale notifications

Improve your click-through rate. Notify your users about an ongoing sale with personalized messages and personalized page content. Remember that you need to have your users segmented based on their purchases, products they’ve viewed, or other criteria important to you.

Boost sales

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Personalized communication and customized content lead to more sales.

While there are many benefits to implementing marketing automation, we feel the following are some of the most important:

  • Increase customer satisfaction.
  • Attract more webinar participants.
  • Get further insight into the behavior and habits of your users.
  • Engage your users and keep them interested in your products or services.

Possible adjustments

Starting point

Select a page which will trigger this automation..


Filter users by using segments.

Web push

Send a personalized web push campaign.

Personalized content

Show personalized content based on user segments.

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