Newsletter sign-up for new visitors

Show a newsletter sign-up form to users who have visited your website a specified number of times yet have not provided their email address. Then send an email with a confirmation link. It will provide a steady stream of new leads to your pipeline.

Newsletter subscribers

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Gather data and gain newsletter subscribers.

While there are many benefits to implementing marketing automation, we feel the following are some of the most important:

  • Provide effective, personalized, and relevant communication.
  • Improve your closing ratio and raise the average value of your deals.
  • Reduce staff costs by automating repetitive tasks.

Possible adjustments

Starting point

Select the page which will trigger this automation.

Personalized emails

Send the right message to the right user.


Use advanced filters to reach only the users you want to reach.

Engaging forms

Show users personalized, well-designed forms, and gather more data.

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