User Tracking

Segmentation taken to a new level

We provide you the most powerful way on the market of filter your user database.
Attributes, tags, lists, segments - all tied together.

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Segmentation taken to a new level

Every step they make

Track every signle action the visitors take on your website. Use this information for further sales or marketing efforts.

Omnichannel tracking

In one place you see page views, mobile screens, opened emails, recived text messages and really much, much more.

Organized timeline

360 profile overview. See real-time data and all the historical interactions a customer had with your company.

Custom or standard

Storage multiple attributes about the visitors. Use stardard ones or create custom which your business needs the most. Take adventage from different datatypes.

Different content types combined together

You have separate datasets of your people, companies, events which are linked together. Each of them can have custom attributes to filter through.

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