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    Basic track and analyze user information and behavior in your product

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    Live Chat which got up to 60 days history.

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    CRM - up to 50000 contacts.

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    Knowledge Base for your customers and team

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    Calendar integration with Google Calendar

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    Web Push campaings up to 50k subscribers

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    Advanced users segmentation


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    All Starter Plan features became unlimited.

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    Powerful visual creator for marketing automation.

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    Awesome and really smart ChatBot.

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    Personalized email campaigns

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    IMAP integration to sync emails from inbox

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    Outstanding events for users segmentation

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    Call Center, text messages, phone calls

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    REST API access with huge number of enpoints

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    Mobile SDK for iOS and Android

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    Personal onboarding with 24h support

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    Elastic pricing depending on database size


Fully customizable and scalable solution.

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    What's included:

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    Scallable to 200 mln users monthly.

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    Optional on-demand installation.

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    Dedicated Success Manager just for your company.

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    Security and 100% GDPR compliance.

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    99,9% Uptime on all services and seamless integration with your tech stack.

At our mission and passion is to help all kind of businesses cause every of it it's special and deserve the best marketing automation tool. We love to see your growth.

Fania Marte Lozada

Success Team

Preguntas más frecuentes

Who the heck is contact?

Relax it is easy. Contact is a user with an email address, user_id, phone number or a visitor who contacted you via chat. To tell the long story short- every user for whom you got some data or interaction. Annonymous users are not counted as contact.

How can I pay?

Look inside your wallet. If you got credit card with Visa or MasterCard branding (we accept only those two) we'll be really happy to proceed your payment.

Why my pricing changed over time?

First of all - congratulation. Your database got bigger! As you know our pricing is dependent on the contact database size. Remember that our system only upscale your payments- the price can't go lower than the first payment quota.

I love the discounts. How to get one?

That's great! We love them too. Check out our long-term plans. The longer plan is the bigger is the discount. If you want custom discount contact our sales!

¿Cuándo se me cobra?

Date of the first purchase = first billing date. Next payment takes place after a full billing period.

I want a refund. What I have to do?

Sorry but we don't offer refunds. More about our refund policy:

It's time to stop. I want to cancel the subscription.

Our hearts are deeply broken but it's ok. No hard feelings. To cancel the subscription you need to remove your credit card details and resign from all plans in payment section. Of course your app stay active till subscription finish date.

What is the Premium Assistance??

It's an assistance. And it's premium. But frankly - it's super cool. Imagine that our team implement on your website, define business goals you want to achieve and build the most effective automations. Sounds great? Click here to get the more info

Can I send some emails for free as part of the chosen plan?

And the anwser is Yes. You can!. In Email Marketing plan we allow you to send 4 times more emails than the number of paid contacts.

Do I have to pay additionally for more agent seats?

Of course not! More friends means more fun (and more job done). We give you unlimited number of agents in your app.

I want to be your Partner. Do you have any partnership program?

Sure thing. Talk to us via chat or check out our Partners section or contact our specialist via chat.

I don't know how to setup
Can you help me?

We are on the way to help you! Each new client recives 1 hour of free onboarding call from our support team If it is unsufficient check our Premium Assistance

What is base and why I can't unclick it?

Base is main module of our app- without it our app won't work. It also allows you to track visitors and run some automations. As you see it's not worth to unclicked it.