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Preguntas más frecuentes

¿Quién es un contacto?

Contact is a user with an email address, user_id, phone number or a visitor who contacted you via chat.

¿Cómo puedo pagar?

You need to add your credit card. We accept only Visa and MasterCard. It will be charged automatically when the next billing period starts.

¿Mi precio cambiará con el tiempo?

As our pricing is dependent on the contact database size, the price will decrease/increase along with the number of contacts in your application. The price can’t go lower than the first payment quota.

¿Cómo funciona el plan a largo plazo?

Al seleccionar el plan a largo plazo, especificas el número de contactos por los que deseas que se te facture y realizas un pago único. Luego, cada mes comprobamos si no has excedido tu límite de contacto, y si lo has hecho, simplemente facturamos el excedente.

¿Cuándo se me cobra?

The date of first purchase is you first billing date. Next payment takes place after a full billing period.

Can I get a refund?

We do not offer any refunds. More about our refund policy:

How do I cancel the subscription?

To cancel your subscription you need to remove your credit card details and resign from all plans in Payment section. Your application will be active till subscription finish date. The day you want to stop using the platform you need to delete your application.

¿Qué hay dentro del paquete de asistencia?

As a part of the Premium Assistance, we'll implement on your website, define business goals you want to achieve and build for you the most effective automations. Click here for more details:

How many emails can I send for free as part of the chosen plan?

Email marketing plan includes monthly email quota. Number of emails available is 4 times more than number of contacts you paid for. Emails sent via custom SMTP are not counted for that quota.

How many agents can be added to my application?

You can invite an unlimited number of agents to your application. It won’t affect the price.

¿Tiene algún programa de referencia?

Sure thing. Please check our Partners section or contact our specialist via chat.

¿Puedes ayudarme con la instalación?

Each new client receives 1 free Onboarding call from our support team. You can ask for help on our chat as well. If you need some extra support, check our Premium Assistance: