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You'll soon notice there are some strange names added in the People section. In this video we go deeper into this and explain why some strange combinations of words appear in your app.

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Having installed user.com, you will soon notice some weird names appearing in the People’s section. Let’s briefly discuss them. As you can see here I have a bunch of users that have the basic information specified and in place but at the top over here we have a few anonymous users with names such as Golden Stitch, Coral Bamboo and Orange Point. Sounds a bit strange, right? These weird names are automatically generated by our system if there are no attributes filled in, such as first and list names, email, phone and so on. The system is put in place to track anonymous visitors and assign random names in a way that makes them outstanding and easy to find. But all the names are created by an editor using random combinations so that’s why you will find some funny names here. If you have an anonymous visitor with a multiple page visits like for example 3 or 5 here, you can always create some kind of popup or automated chat message asking for basic information like first name and email address and that would enable you to have these missing attributes filled in with real values. Now we see that the Golden Stitch has been successfully changed to Amanda Smith. Hope that clears a few things up! Thanks for listening!