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In this video we provide you with a short overview of all information pieces and options available in the user profile. You'll find out what edits or actions can be performed directly from your users' profiles.

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In this video we’re going to have a quick look at a user profile. You can access a profile of a given user simply by clicking on their name in the People section. As you see, the user page is divided into 3 main parts. Key user details, like their name, email address and picture (if available) are always displayed in the top left-hand corner, so that you can quickly recognize whose data you’re looking at. Also, from this hamburger menu here, you can edit user’s attributes and make a few other operations. Then, further down, in the column on the left there is information about relations this particular user has with different parts of our app. The first three here are connected directly to the People’s section - so we see Lists and Segments a given user has been in, as well as Tags they have been tagged with. Then we can check to which Company and Deals a user relates. In the column on the right-hand side you can see all the basic information pieces about this user and the list includes all standard and custom attributes for which there are values in the system. From here, after clicking on the little pencil icon, you have quick edit option. In the centre of the user’s profile there is a special message box from which you can add a note to that user. Simply type it in here. It is helpful when you want to share some information about a user with your agents, for example a positive note after positive communication. You can also perform a few actions from here like create an Activity or send an email but we’ll focus on those options in a separate video. Right below there is a user’s timeline, where all important actions related to this user are noted with date and time they occurred and displayed in the chronological order. And that was a quick overview of the user profile.