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In this video we focus on updating and recalculating a given segment of users. We also show how to quickly delete a segment.

Lesson transcript

It may happen we want to update a few details about an existing segment or basically - delete it as it’s no longer needed. We have created a segment covering all contacts with an email address based in the US and we see there are 194 contacts in it. In total we have 208 users in the People’s section. Let’s say you attended an informal dinner and exchanged a few business cards last evening and now want to add a prospecting US-based client to your contacts. You go and create a new user, type in email address and specify country. It has been saved and as you see, in total we have now 209 users. But the number of users in our segment hasn’t changed. That doesn’t make any sense, does it? The number over here is updated several times a day but it’s not updated in real time. If you need it to be up-to-date immediately, you go to Data -> then down to “Recalculate segment” and then in this new menu you need to find our segment and click on the little gear. Let’s now come back to the homepage and you can see the number has been recalculated. It may well happen you want to remove a given segment when, for example you decided to change your offering and all segmentation is no longer valid. You can do it from settings after clicking on this little pencil over here. As you can see, it’s that simple! Thanks for listening!