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It may happen you'll need to merge user records. We discuss an example, show how you can merge users manually from the People section and explain deduplication.

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Let’s find out how to merge users. It may happen you will need to merge 2 users manually. For example, it’ll be the case when a given user has given you only some limited information through a chat widget (like let’s say, they gave email address but haven’t typed in their first and last names), and, in addition you’ve covered that very same user in one of the contact imports from another app, where their names and some additional details were specified. When you look at the name column on the left, there is a user Alex Williamson, who however has some values like email address or phone number missing. Right above him, there is another user, with email address and phone specified and, when we look closer, with exact same country and city and, most importantly - the same IP address, as Alexander Williamson from the line below. Also an email address suggests it’s the same person. To merge those two contacts select them, go to “Manage” and “Merge users”, which brings us to merge users menu. So I see here that’s the name is definitely not an email address so let’s keep it as it is, then choose correct values for phone number and email, I’m also choosing the browser details and the true for email mx valid which basically means that the email address has been verified.. After saving, it’ll automatically merge and appear in the People’s section. Now we have one Alexander Williamson with all important attribute values filled in. An important note: after merging users, different details for them like their timelines, page hits, deals they have been related to or lists they are on will be merged as well. It’s also useful to know that user.com enables you to run automatic merging of contacts which is called deduplication. Deduplication is very similar to merging users but it runs automatically and identify all groups of contacts that need to be merged in one, at once. You can request it via our chat support and for example set to be run every 30 days or at any other frequency you’d need. The most important identifier for users to be grouped for deduplication is their email address. Then in each group of users with same email addresses a base user is picked and all missing information pieces like for example phone number or city are taken from other users in that group, if they are specified. All details like number of pageviews or timelines will be merged for a base user. So we’ve now know how to merge users. Thanks for listening!