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The default view of the People section can be changed according to your preferences. From this video you'll learn how to hide or unhide columns as well as how to change their order.

Lesson transcript

In the People’s section you get an overview of all your users and have quick access to various details about them, like their names, emails, pageviews, IP addresses and many others. You can of course adjust the default view of the app homepage to show only these information pieces that are really important to your business. Let’s assume you run an ecommerce business and your offering and communication content are strictly related to geographic location of your users. You rather don’t call your clients but send regular email campaigns and thus you want to simplify the default view and show columns you really need. There are 2 adjustment types you can do here - first one - related to column’s visibility (and blue background here means a column will be included in the default view) - and the second one - connected to the columns’ order. So let’s first hide the columns we don’t need. In that case we don’t need Phone number, and IP address is also not very crucial. Let’s click on save and... Here we go! Those two columns are no longer visible. It automatically refreshes and the new default view is yet active - we now don’t see phone number or IP address. Let’s now say we do want data like Country, Region and City to appear right next to email addresses, as location is crucial to our business. In the top right-hand corner of the Column settings we click on the “change order” and after clicking on this small “move” icon here you can easily change the columns order. After a few seconds we see our changes have been saved. Whenever you want to get a given column back, you go to Select columns and do the same thing, but in reverse. Then, decide when to move it, and having refreshed, you see the IP address column is back, in the exact place you wanted it to be! One useful feature to also remember about is sorting. You can sort your records descending or ascending by a selected attribute. All the changes in the columns view we have covered here for users work also for Products and Companies. And that was how to easily edit the columns. Thanks for your time!