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Your clients have their favorite FAQ asked on chat? Learn how to use default replies and make the life of your chat support agents easier.

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With time, as you’ll have more and more conversations with your users, there will for sure be questions you will see very often and repeatedly. To make it as convenient for you and your support agents as possible, there is a possibility to create default replies to frequently asked questions. So let’s see now how to set it up. In the conversations section, at the very bottom of the active conversation you’ll see a few icons. The one in the middle, so the little lifebuoy icon, is “default replies”. When you click it, a new window appears and directly here you can create your default replies. So let’s create the first one. As many users have already asked about estore’s returns policy, we can add a short default reply saying “Our detailed returns policy is available at www.greatcompany.store.com/returns_policy. Get in touch if you have any further questions :)”. If you want to edit the reply, simply go to editing mode here make changes and save them. Or many users are interested in shipment terms and prices. Let’s add “Shipment” reply and add some basic information and a link “There are 2 delivery options for shipments to EU countries you can choose from: Standard (3-5 business days) and Express (2 business days). Standard is on us! :) If you go for Express, we charge additional EUR 4,99. To read about prices and shipment to outside EU, please go here.” So from now on, whenever a user asks for example about refunds policy, your support agents can search the library of default replies here and by keywords find the answer they need. How to quickly do it? Click the lifebuoy icon or directly in the messaging field put hashtag symbol and that triggers a default replies window and now search by keywords and select. As simple as that! We’ve just covered the library of default replies in conversations section. Thanks for your time!