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You run your website or blog on WordPress? From this video you'll learn how to quickly install user.com by a dedicated plugin.

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In this video we’re going to learn how to install user.com on your WordPress blog or website by a dedicated plugin. It’s an extremely fast way of getting started with user.com app and making use of its functionalities. First, you need to add the official user.com plugin to your WordPress plugins. From your admin area go to “Plugins”, “Add new” and search for user.com. Then After installing it, let’s activate the plugin. And now you’ll see the user.com icon added on the left hand side. Select it and click “Save”. You’ll need to provide your API key and domain name, which are easily accessible from the “Setup & Integrations” section in your app, right at the top. I’m copying and pasting them... And thus you’ve just installed user.com at your WordPress site! As installing user.com at the same time means installing the chat widget, now when a user enters your WordPress website, the chat widget is active and they are able to communicate with you through it. As simple as that! If for any reason you don’t want to use the plugin, you can always install user.com on any side yourself by JavaScript or through Google Tag Manager. If you need detailed instructions, watch a separate dedicated video on these installation methods! So we now know how to install user.com on a WordPress website by a dedicated plugin. Thanks for listening.