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Find out how to import details about your products by a .csv. Learn how to prepare your file so that everything works properly within user.com.

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Let’s now discuss how to import data about your products to user.com. Except for manual adding, products can be automatically created through product events OR thanks to product feeds import from an XML. But there is also a possibility to import the details about your products in a .csv file, which we’re going to discuss in this video. Importing products through .csv file is useful especially for ecommerce businesses that do not use Google Merchant Center. So let’s see how it works for Products. I’m going to Importers and enter Products. I need to have a ready .csv file with all the details I want to import. If you’re not sure how to structure the file, have a look at our predefined CSV template. Similarly to Companies, Produtcs_ID is the most important identifier for each product, so make sure that each record has its unique ID assigned in the import file. The crucial thing to remember here is that every unique item with a combination of attributes describing it makes a separate product in the user.com app. In other words, there should be a product record in your app for each SKU. For example a designer lamp, the “madrid” model in black colour is a different product than the madrid model lamp in gold colour. After dragging & dropping or selecting your .csv, let’s specify separator and encoding. As always, I’m also adding a tag to be able to easily find all items from the today’s import later. And now I need to match the headers from my file with the system attributes. There are some standard attributes in the system already but if you import some additional information pieces about your products, remember to create corresponding custom attributes in the user.com app before the import. Thanks to it, you will be able to match them at this stage. I for instance created among others color, size, material and category_name. So now I’m matching Product_ID and skipping the last one… We see the products have been successfully imported. If you don’t have any existing sources with detailed list of your products or services, it’s of course possible to add them in the user.com manually. You can do it directly from the Products section by clicking “Add a product”, and then adding all the information like product name, ID, image URL and description here. That was a video on how to import products by a .CSV file. Thanks for your time!