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It may be the case that you need detailed data about your users and want to export them from the user.com app. Here we show how to export users and their standard and suctom attributes in a .csv file.

Lesson transcript

It may happen you want to export contacts from your People’s section, for example to use them in any external tools or for the purpose of additional analysis. There are a few ways to do that in our app. If you want to export data about a few users only, you can do that manually by selecting or filtering them out, then going to “Manage” and clicking “Export users”. But let’s go back for a second and assume you want to export all users at once. So first you go to filters and, to cover all users from the database let’s apply a combination of two rules for email attribute - “is uknown” OR (it’s very important to know there are two logic commands “OR” as well as “AND”) “has any value”. That combined rule covers all possible values that may appear for email attribute. Once the results has been filtered, let’s go to “Manage” -> “Export users” and it’s just let us know that our export is in progress. Important note: if you have a lot of users like a few hundrets of thousand or a million of them, it may take a while for the process to finish. So seat back, relax and be patient. After a few minutes I’m refreshing the website and see the export is completed and there is a .csv file with contacts ready for download. I’ll open the exported file in excel and we see that all details we’ve for our users, including standard and custom attributes have been successfully exported. So I hope that’s cleared something up and as always, thanks for listening!