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Find out how to connect a user with lists, segments, companies or deals. Learn more about adding internal notes related to a user, scheduling activities or calls and a few other functionalities available in the user profile.

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We already know how the user’s profile is structured, so let’s now focus on different edits or updates we can do directly from there. From the column on the left-hand side you can create a new list or simply add a user to an existing list - these ones are available in the drop-down menu here so it’s really easy and quick. After saving, it appears right here. If you want to delete a user form a list, just click on this little cross - as simple as that! Below we see all segments a user has been added to and if we want to quickly see what exact filtering rules have been used in a given segment, just click on its name and it takes us to this segment in the People section. It’s as well possible to tag users (or delete tags - and it works in a very similar way to lists). You can as well select a Company they are related to. After saving, it’s visible under user’s name here. Users can be assigned to many companies. Always the one most recently updated will be displayed below the user's name at the top. And you can also create a connection with companies - create assignment From here you can create a new deal that relates to this user. As you see there are actually 2 similar fields here - Deals and Connected deals. A given deal appears here in the first category when a user is specified as the “Person” (so the main user related to the deal) in a given deal, while in the second one - when is specified as “Participant” (so a user that should be aware about that deal). I’m quickly adding Amanda Smith as the person and Participant for that deal and… we see deal in her profile in both categories now. From the column on the right-hand side you have access to basic information about the user, namely, all attributes for which there is any value specified in the system. You can edit those values directly here. Let’s say we want to update the main email address manually, then after saving we see it’s been updated here on the left, and of course it’s also been succesfully changed in the People’s section. There are as well several options available in the middle. You can add a note with important information about a user by typing it in directly here. It’ll be visible to all your agents having access to user data. Thanks to it you can effectively share some information related to a particular user with your team. Another great thing is that you can mention a particular agent from your team here so that he or she will get personal notification. From here you can as well create an Activity connected to that user, for example schedule a project discussion call and assign a given agent from your team to take care of it. You can access all conversations with that user or send a chat message or an email directly from the user profile. As you see it’s amazingly convenient as you can format your chat text right from here, and… it works as easy also for formatting your email. If you have your Message Template ready, you can select it from this drop-down menu. And… if you have a call-center set up in your user.com app, it’s as well possible to call the user through the app now or send them an SMS. For calls, it’s possible to enable calls recording here. As you see, all actions performed have been noted in the user’s timeline below so you can always access a full history of a given user right here. Now, we have a variety of edits and actions available in the user’s profile covered! Thanks for your time.