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Find out how to delete a user from the app. In this video we cover deleting users individually or in a batch.

Lesson transcript

We already know to create and merge users so let’s now find out how to delete them. You can either delete them one by one or you can also remove them in batches. Let’s say this person here is no longer your client and hasn’t been seen for 2 years or you have to delete this contact due to GDPR regulations. So I’m gonna go to his user profile and it’s possible to quickly delete the contact from here. I’m confirming I’m sure and that’s as easy as that - Alex Williamson is no longer on my People’s list. Now let’s see how we can delete a group of users at a time. It may unfortunately happen you finish cooperation with one of your partners as they business has been shut down. Let’s say you want to delete all users from this company from your contacts. So, let’s filter them out - I’m going to need all users whose emails contain “@mybestapp.com”. And now select them all, go to “Manage” and choose “Remove users”. It’s gonna ask you whether you’re sure to delete so I confirm. And users from mybestapp are no longer included in my users’ list. If you prefer to use REST API, you can as well do it by simple HTTP delete request. And that was how to quickly delete users from your app!