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Learn how to create user segments based on the filtering rules of your choice. We discuss a real business case and show how to add a new segment step-by-step.

Lesson transcript

Creating segments is a good way to group your contacts according to the filter settings of your choice. To create a segment, simply go to the filters section over here and as you can see there is a batch of standard attributes we can choose from. I’m gonna go for country as I want to send a special 4th July campaign to users based in the US. Now we can see we have 208 contacts in total. I’m gonna click on search. Having searched for those meeting our criterion, we see there are 200 of them. But let’s modify my original idea and say I want a segment of contacts based in the US and whose email addresses I already have. All I need to do is adding a second rule. As you can see there are many options available - you can segment your contacts basing on standard attributes like name or when they last saw your website but you can also create your own custom attributes right here or filter basing on attributes of events, companies or activities and many more. So possibilities here are truly limitless! Let’s go back and create a segment. For the segment name I’m typing in “US-based with email” and in the description field - “US as country with email”. The new segment has been saved and you can see its name added up here, next to a few default app segments. Whenever you want to manage your contact segments click on the pancake menu and that brings you directly to the full segment list. Segmenting is a great tool for customized campaigns and lets you send only most relevant content to your users! Thanks for your time!