About this course

In the "Overview of Application" course you'll find everything you need to understand the structure of user.com application and know how it works. You'll go through 4 important sections of the app in detail, namely: Data, Campaigns, Sales and Tools, learn how different sections are related to each other and what actions can be performed from those sections.*

After the course you will know how to:

  • add or import data about your users, companies and products to the app
  • create, update or remove data records
  • filter and segment users and other data sections
  • create events and product events
  • get started with different email campaigns
  • work with the Sales section, using Deals and Activities
  • make use of the Reports and the Analytics sections
  • make effective use of Snippet tags in personalizing your campaigns' content
  • optimize processes and get extra insights by Aggregators and Data collectors

* We're constantly developing the User.com University for you! Please note that some elements of the course content may not be yet available. We're working hard to upload missing videos as soon as possible :)

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