Get to know what a segment is and how to use it properly. because proper segmentation of your userbase can make your business grow faster.


What exactly segments are?

From a technical point of view it is a saved set of filters, so a specific querry to your database. But from a business perspective it is a real-time data source about how your business is currently perfoming. The main advantage is that it is updated in real time. So, users are automatically added to specific segments on the basis of their behavior and characteristics.

Different segments-different communication

Personalized communication for every segment drives great results. Using our automation module it’s really easy to set it up.

Personalized customer journey per segment

Plan absolutely personalized sets of interactions with your leads or customers. Make you efforts more efficient and boost your conversion. Fit your comunication to industry or client size.

Data become more clear

Segments are s great way to make tons of data more clear. In user profile you can easly see to which segments this particular user belongs. You can also set diferent dashboard so see user segmentation.

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Make usage of data you are gathering

Use most advanced filters on the market to segment your user. Filter through attributes, event occurance and CRM deal stage.

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As always automated

Don't hesitate and use segments in your automation. Sometimes filter condition brick is insufficient- it’s where segment condition brick comes with help.

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