Reduce churn and speed up your SaaS customer support activities.

Leverage automations to build a single source of truth about your users and better serve your customers at scale, through the channel they prefer.


Loved and trusted by hundreds of SaaS companies around the world.

Automate repetitive tasks of your support agents

​Win extra time for your customer support team with chat default replies and automated notifications so that they can focus on solving complex problems of most important clients.

Use self-service knowledge base, autoresponders and chatbot to minimize effort for repetitive tasks. Use fully integrated ticketing system to enable customers to report issues easily.


"With quick access to detailed overview and the full history of interactions we are able to provide personalized support. Based on the past communication and behaviour of a user, our support agents can usually predict what problems users may have in the near future and react accordingly in advance."


Marta Piotrowiak,

Marketing Specialist at HeySpace

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Want to make your customers happy?

Don’t waste time on repetitve tasks. Let automations handle it.

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Boost your NPS score

Improve NPS thanks to tools that enable your team to react in the right moment and take care of your customers outside your standard office hours. Use NPS bot and automated email campaigns to collect customer feedback easily.

Monitor customer happiness. Get 360-degree overview of each client directly from their profiles to identify users with problems, connect via channel they prefer – live chat, email, SMS or a call – to support them and thus improve their satisfaction.


Automation templates designed for SaaS customer support teams

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"We found when we were looking to improve our customer support platform, and now we use the software as an All-In-One platform combination for Live Chat, Deals, SMS reminders, saving us tons of time and improving our efforts."


Tomás Nápoles,

Head of Customer Success at

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All support tools SaaS businesses need in one place. We help you make customers happy.

Live Chat

Send chat messages to visitors and manage all communication from one inbox. Use default replies to save time of you customerr support agents.

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Create your very own chatbot and involve him in cystomer support. Send an automated welcome message to each new visitor and collect feedback.

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Ticketing System

Resolve issues quickly and with maximum convenience. Manage the whole process of problem resolution from one place and automate the issue reporting process.

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Knowledge Base

Optimize your customer support efforts and provide all the necessary information about your business in one place. Search knowldege base directly from chat.

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Increase engagement by automating your onboarding process

​Create automated onboarding drip email campaigns to help them understand how your application works.

Support your new customers from the very beginning and help them engage with your application.

Greet new trial users with automatic welcome message and offer them a way to connect with your team.