What is the most important while creating push notifications?

1 Answer

Feb. 11, 2019, 10:21 a.m.

Push notifications are a relatively new type of digital advertising. It is not expensive and turns out to be very effective. It is an easy way to reach to more customers. Some consider them to be spammy, but studies show that almost 70% of app users enable push notifications. Moreover, now they are accessible for desktop as well. What is most important while creating them?

• Use pre-permission messages
These are interstitial screens that appear before the permission-asking message. You should tell about the values and types of messages people will get once opted in.

• Send messages that your audience want
There’s no point sending out push notifications about things that they don’t care about. Keep it relevant and always connected with your brand.

• Frequency
Timing is crucial when it comes to push notifications. Find the best time of day and stick to it. Studies have found that 3 pm works best. But remember that this can be different in your business and it depends on the users. Always think about YOUR customers.

• Align them with your other channels
Your push messaging should align with platforms such as social media, website, email, SMS and more. Chose what works best to you.

• Tailor your messages
Nowadays everything is all about personalization. It goes more beyond addressing a user by his name. You can personalize based on people’s travel history, interests, behaviors, and demographics. Fitting the audience is the key.

• Make users feel like insiders
Your recipients should feel exclusive. Give them information that no one knows about but them. Maybe you can reveal the news of job offers before the official announcement?

• Know your analytics and statistics
You always should analyze and utilize the data. You have the ability to track user’s activity and actions connected with your messages. Focus on localizing any mistakes and optimizing your process.