What is the best way to send sales emails to get a response?

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Feb. 23, 2019, 1:15 a.m.

Usually, you send reminder letters for two reasons: you just want to remind yourself, or you need an answer to an important question very urgently. If you ever had an interview, then you probably know the first situation. You may have checked incoming messages several times a day, hoping to hear some news about work. Yeah, deathly silence, in this case, is depressing. The second variant of events - when you urgently need an answer on a question, but they don’t write it to you - can also make you angry. But worst of all, when you have to wait for an overdue project or news from the boss on a crucial issue. Such situations require a slightly different approach. Friendly reminders about yourself will not work.


If you need to remind yourself and get an answer to a question urgently, use these tips.

1# Write easier

If you are writing a reminder letter, then you have already contacted this person. So in your previous messages already had all the necessary information. Of course, the context does not hurt - the recipient must understand the basic essence of the case from one letter so that he does not have to look through all the correspondence. But remember - you only need to specify the main points of the question.


2 # Try other methods

We all usually rely on email - and for good reason. This is a convenient and easy way to communicate. But sometimes our mail is so overwhelmed that some letters just get lost. The person read your message and decided to respond to it later - only “later” never comes. If you urgently need to resolve the issue, it is better to get up from the computer and try other methods to reach the right person.


Use these tips, and the chances that you will get the long-awaited answer will increase. But what if they didn't help? Well, at least you tried to do your best.