What is email campaign segmentation?

1 Answer

Jan. 15, 2019, 4:22 p.m.

Email segmentation is the division of your mailing list into smaller parts, dividing it into separate groups with different characteristic. It’s an essential aspect of utilizing your contact list to its fullest potential.

1# Why do you need to segment your email list? Sending the same email to everyone can make sense if you are sending a server shutdown warning, or managing a small, niche community. But when offering services to thousands of people, you need to put much more effort. Failing to do so means you’re either limiting yourself to shallow, general marketing messages or flooding recipients with offers most of them have no interest in. Emailing man about makeup products is a quick way to get marked as a spammer.

2# What criteria you should choose? Some of the most important segments you should recognize are gender, age, place of residence, education, purchase history, browsing behavior, level of email engagement, organization type and so on.

3# How to get the data Depending on the nature of your enterprise, a lot of information can be obtained directly from the people. Registration forms can include questions about gender, age or location. You may not want to ask for too much though. People might not like being forced into giving information they think is unnecessary. Ask them to fill out a voluntary survey instead. There are tools which allow you to monitor how long people spend time on your website, what they look at, and much more. The more ability to collect data you have, the more you can utilize it. If you lack the know-how necessary, getting professional outside help might be worth an investment. 4

# What to do with the collected data? Be creative. Give loyalty discounts and promote more advanced services to already engaged customers. Make your offer reflect the needs of a particular group. Adjust the layout of your emails to the recipient's age, gender, and education. The sky is the limit. Segmenting emails is proven to increase revenue and level of engagement, so use it as much as you can.