What is a good email open rate?

Jan. 15, 2019, 3:19 p.m.

The email campaign is easy measurable marketing action. Nowadays all mailing platforms allow checking if the message was open and how many people clicked on the call-to-action button or other links attached. The easiest way to measure email campaign effects is checking the email open rate. This indicator shows as the percentage of the total number of users that opened your email.

Example? Imagine that you sent 10 emails and 5 of them was opened. That means the open rate is 50%.


But how to know what is a good email open rate?

Everything depends on the market and there is no typical open rate that is good for every industry. In addition, it depends on many other conditions like the size of your email list, the time when the campaign was sent and possible technical problems while opening your message. When we are talking about the mailing sent to the general email list, in the industry out of a specific niche, average email open rate for a correctly sent email campaign is about 20-40%.


Are you at the average rate for a long time and want to increase your results? Make sure you nail the basics:

#1 Clean up your email list. Yes, that’s correct! Before sending email campaign it’s a good idea to remove old contacts that are not relevant for your marketing campaign.

#2 Become recognizable for your audience. Internet users won’t open a message from the person they don’t know. Personalize your campaign and rather send it from your personal email address than from the general one.

#3 Send your mailing regularly. Sending emails frequently will increase your authority and build trust. Test different options which time and weekday work for your open rate the best.