What are the most common lead management mistakes to avoid?

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Feb. 18, 2019, 10:56 a.m.

Email messaging is one of the most effective marketing forms. If you succeed in getting people’s emails, you can contact them many times. There are a lot of potential mistakes you can make. So what are the most common mistakes to avoid?

1) Not having a dedicated landing page
 Using a proper landing page optimized for generating them is a crucial tool you need to bring to life. A dedicated website helps with optimizing the conversion process.

2) Not offering the valuable prize
Your lead magnet must be useful to your ideal clients a totally unhelpful to others. Why? You don’t want to have people who are uninterested in what you do on your mailing list, right?

3) Too long or too extensive lead magnet 
The shorter and simpler your lead magnet is, the better. Not because you shouldn’t share your knowledge, but because of losing clients’ attention. People, especially on the internet prefer brief content. It should help customers and answer their potential questions after a few minutes of reading or watching it.

4) Too complicated process of getting the "prize"
It must be sent quickly (automating tools should help with that). People click on the button and leave you their email address for some reason. Probably they want some additional knowledge that you offer. Don’t risk losing their interest in technical problems or a long and complicated process of getting it.

5) Too general content
Being too general and speaking of everything doesn’t help with getting people’s attention. What is the possibility that you tell them something that they already don’t know?

If you try to avoid these common mistakes, there’s a better chance that your lead magnets will entrance your audience and convert leads into real customers!