What are the best practices for mobile SEO?

Feb. 4, 2019, 1:10 p.m.

1 Answer

Feb. 24, 2019, 2:38 p.m.

Mobile SEO, or the optimization of the mobile website, is the adaptation of the mobile or responsive version of the website to the search engine in terms of elements such as the appearance of the website, its structure, the speed of loading the site or content. If our website in the desktop version is well optimized, it is already half of the success. There are only a few elements you need to remember about when optimizing the page for mobile devices.


When optimizing the mobile site, attention should be paid to issues such as:


  1. Google Search Console - This tool will provide you with information on errors and other necessary elements of the mobile site on a regular basis;
  2. page loading speed - due to the specifics of mobile devices, there is a belief that the page loading speed in the mobile version should be more priority than the one on the desktop. The most commonly used practices to increase the page's loading speed are, for example, graphics, movies, and animation compression, code optimization to reduce CSS, JavaScript and HTML, and improved server response time.
  3. matching the page to different types of devices - in Google Analytics you can find information on which types of devices are used by people who visit your website most often. Although it is known that you will not be able to adapt the site to all mobile devices, try to ensure that it displays the best on the devices of your most frequent users;
  4. matching elements on the page - all elements, especially those "clickable" must be adjusted to the size of the page, but also be easy to click - they can not be too small or too large. A too small element will be difficult to strike with your finger, while too much will disrupt the appearance of the page;
  5. navigation - make sure that the user in the mobile version of the website can easily go to exactly the same subpages as in the desktop version. Do not hide any subpages or links in the menu;
  6. content - your users should have access to the same content on both handheld and desktop devices. You have to design the layout and arrangement of the content so that there is no clutter, but that all content is available;