How to write brand guidelines?

Jan. 28, 2019, 12:43 p.m.

Examples of brand guidelines and how to create it for my business?

1 Answer

Feb. 24, 2019, 8:07 p.m.

Every brand wants to be unique, but not everyone succeeds. The functioning of many brands is often based on the duplication of sawn trails and the imitation of bigger and stronger ones. Achieving competitive advantage in the crowd of identical products or brands becomes more and more difficult, and marketing-mix tools do not always guarantee success.

The latest trends show how important it is to position the brand correctly in the minds of consumers and to create a good image strategy that allows you to reach the consumer and communicate effectively with the market. Only such activities provide the basis for more effective use of marketing-mix tools, and as a consequence also affect the company's sales and its profits.

Companies, corporations, organizations as well as individuals constantly follow and examine market expectations. They are still looking for new ideas to exist and to display their brand on the crowded market or to distinguish the brand from the competition. Regardless of whether you are looking for the best way to create a new brand, or if you would like to renew, change, improve the image of an already existing brand, brand guidelines will help you a lot.

A brand guideline should contain detailed instructions for creating a unique story for a brand in order to reveal the personality and soul of your company in five simple steps:


  1. Get to know your customers and determine what changes they will feel so that they will have more associations associated with you.
  2. Analyze the needs of clients, formulate the achievement of their goals with the help of your decisions and anticipate their objections with your ideal proposal.
  3. Define your values as the foundation of the brand to evoke emotional engagement with your customers.
  4. Create universal themes around your brand so your customers can think and reflect on life.
  5. Gather all the data together using this structure to create a flawless brand story for your company.


Your audience needs to connect with your brand on a deeply emotional level so that you can inspire them and share experiences.