How to use videos for sales emails?

Jan. 28, 2019, 1:42 p.m.

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Feb. 18, 2019, 11:23 a.m.

Standard offering of seasonal promotions, discounts and giveaway may not be enough to convince the customers. A modern marketer knows that the brand, wanting to maintain interest, should show its personality. Not only to sell, but also to educate, play, and build relationships. Video sent in the newsletter is a great tool to make real contact with your recipients. Tell engaging video stories by email. How to use videos for sales email properly?

By composing video in the content of the email
You can present your multimedia materials to recipients of the newsletter in the following way:
1. As a static graphic with the "play" button, depicting the frame from the movie. The image is linked to an external website with multimedia content, e.g. YouTube or Vimeo, where you can view the entire material.
2. As a GIF animation made from several frames of prepared video material.

Video in the email thanks to HTML5
With the introduction of HTML 5 and CSS3 technologies, an email can behave like a media player. You can implement the HTML5 code path, and the movie file will become an integral part of the email.


What video content can you send in sales emails?

Introduction video — this can add some personality and a "face" to your company making the message much more personal. This instills recipients’ trust immediately. You can introduce yourself, your team or send a brief introduction of your future cooperation.

Product/service demonstration — this is the most effective way to demonstrate your offer. It is easy to receive and doesn’t demand anything of your recipient (besides his desire to watch your video). People prefer watching than reading, so use that.

Follow-ups — you can make a video cycle by sending short videos focused on one topic in a few parts. If you have valuable but long video content for your customers, divide it into parts and send in several messages.

Client’s testimonial — This demands your clients’ permission but there’s no more effective way to gain peoples’ trust than a reliable testimonial. It is worth asking for it, especially if your clients are satisfied with your service.