How to use digital marketing to attract more leads?

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Feb. 4, 2019, 12:44 p.m.

There’s no doubt that converting leads into customers is one of the priorities of every marketer this time. But what are leads? In simple words, leads are your potential clients acquired as a result of marketing activities. Precisely – it is a set of information about people that allow you to start selling your products. How to use digital marketing to attract more leads? Here are some best examples of tested techniques:

E-mail marketing
In this case, you are already in possession of having your lead from the very beginning, because you know the recipient’s email address. However, you can use email marketing to heat up your leads. For example, send a mailing directing to your landing page, where you can ask for a phone number. Your lead base will have another information about specific clients.

Search Engine Optimization
SEO increases the position of your keywords in Google and the number of visitors to your website. For example, someone goes to your site or blog after searching for an interesting topic. After reviewing your content, you can convert him into a lead by obtaining the contact details (for most it would be an email address).

Social media
This is a relatively cheap way to generate leads. Because of lots of possibilities both in targeting and creation itself, you can easily attract new leads and get new customers with almost no effort. In this case, Facebook remains a giant with the biggest potential.

There’s no secret that mobile is a king right now, and most of any website views come from mobile sources. If your site is difficult to navigate on mobile devices and load slowly, then using your website becomes annoying. The mobile-friendly website, optimized for the user experience is the key to generating leads from it.