How to start using dynamic page content?

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Feb. 25, 2019, 9:38 a.m.

Dynamic page content adapts to the user's behavior and preferences in real time, using behavioral and transactional data collected on the marketing automation platform. Advantages of this solution are:
• real-time reaction – website adapts to the visitor when he is actively using it
• adequacy - it exactly matches people’s needs
• embedding the message in a specific context - for example, the proposal to send information about the start of the season is displayed when people are looking for tickets

How to start?

1) Decide what dynamic content meets your needs and the needs of your visitors.
The possible content you can use:
- personalized banner - it can display content tailored to the user's interests, his involvement or the stage of the sales funnel it is currently in. It can be used in win back campaign – personalized banners can be used to display special offers and discounts to people who have not made purchases for a long time, so as to re-encourage them to take advantage of the offer;
It can be also helpful in profiling the group of recipients - banners are excellent material for conducting A / B / X tests.
- recommendation frame - a mechanism keep the user on the site for a long time. The great advantage is that it works practically immediately - visitors view items or services from one category and immediately see the offer of similar things from the offer.
- dynamic pop-up - based on knowledge about the user's interests, shopping history and even the subpage on which he is currently on, display to each individual content referring to what he was doing, or still doing on the site. It is extremely helpful in lead generation and progressive profiling.

2) Choose CMS
For creating a dynamic website you can use many platforms such as Dreamweaver or WordPress. They will help you to create and manage a dynamic website without any code language or programming knowledge. Those CMS systems have many tools and plugins that can be used to create any dynamic website on your own.