How to optimize your site for voice search (VEO)?

Feb. 4, 2019, 1:17 p.m.

1 Answer

Feb. 24, 2019, 6:43 p.m.

Omnipresent technological advances also affect the world of search engines. Inquiries formulated in voice search are significantly different from classic text searches. The main differences are the form of inquiry and its intention. In search engine marketing (SEM), the so-called micromomentary. Micro-moments are called moments in our lives in which the need to search manifests itself for our need, which should be implemented here and now. Nowadays, nothing limits us - we can get any information anywhere, anytime using your smartphone. That is why people are used to the fact that they can satisfy their needs in a few seconds. In the case of voice search, most queries are related to micro-moments.

SEO optimization for voice search (VEO) consists of 3 basic elements, all of them briefly presented on the infographic below.


  1. Keyword selection

We should concentrate our efforts on finding keywords from the long tail and possible questions asked by users within a given topic of a given subpage. In the selection of keywords for voice search in the form of questions asked by users, we can use some tools.


  1. Content

While in the text search the content of the page was optimized for specific keywords, in the era of voice search the website should be optimized based on the questions asked by users. The value of content is becoming even more important due to the growing interest in voice search. Each content created on the site must answer a question.


  1. Structured data

The purpose of structured data is to help search engine robots correctly identify individual items on a page such as company address, opening hours, product price information and much more. The correct marking of structured data affects the attractiveness of the appearance of the search result, which translates into an increase in its clickthrough rate.


To sum up, voice search is the technology of the future - it is simple, convenient to use and significantly simplifies the search for information. Looking at the pace of voice search in the west, it's time to prepare for the upcoming revolution in searching for information. Certain, ly with the appearance of the first Polish-speaking voice assistants, the number of users using such solutions in Poland will increase significantly. Regardless of whether you run a local business or an online store, optimizing your website for voice search SEO is a necessity that will help you gain a significant competitive edge!