How to optimize on-page SEO?

Feb. 1, 2019, 11:57 a.m.

1 Answer

Feb. 24, 2019, 5:54 p.m.

Search engines use many factors when ranking a website, but how to understand which ones to focus on and how to optimize a website in order to improve its position in search results?

Website optimization is a set of measures aimed at raising the position of a website in the results of search engines issued for specific queries. Website optimization methods can be divided into two types: Working with internal factors. Work with external factors.

Of course, website optimization for search engines before its promotion is the main and most important point. Since website promotion through the purchase of backlinks without optimization will not have any effect, and in some cases, on the contrary, it can harm the site and lower its traffic. How to make an internal site optimization (on-page SEO), and how to check whether your site is optimized for search, you will learn from this article.

 Internal site optimization includes:

1) Doubles of pages

2) Tags

3) Sitemap - sitemap.xml

4) Setting up a robots.txt file

5) SEO texts

6) Content uniqueness

7) Microformats or microdata

) Usability and interface


This is an incompl8ete list for internal optimization, but these are the most important and main points, which we will consider in more detail later.

For internal optimization, you need to do a huge amount of work before promoting your site. Every little thing when optimizing a site can affect its position. When optimizing a project, you will have to use dozens of different services and tools. Promoting not optimized website links is strictly prohibited.

Perhaps these are all the points that I would like to say regarding the optimization of a separate page of the site. However, this is far from enough to bring the site to the top, even if this work is completed with all the pages of the site. Other internal optimization parameters are also important: site structure and navigation, download speed, linking, social signals, etc. - and all this also needs to be optimized.