How to improve your cold calling?

Feb. 4, 2019, 1:01 p.m.

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Feb. 23, 2019, 5:39 p.m.

Business enterprises of many areas depend on the effectiveness of dialing potential customers in order to increase the level of sales of goods or services. This technique is called “cold calls” and is based on the quality work of call center managers. Consider what is the effectiveness of cold calls and how to increase it for more revenue on sales.


How to improve your cold calling?


  1. Adequate database formation

You should not spend time on calling all possible customers on the list - preference is given to those of them who are really able to interest your offer. To do this, find out everything possible about the future interlocutor or representative of the company to whom you want to make an appointment.

  1. Staff motivation

The higher the interest in the result of the manager making the cold call, the greater the chances of success of the conversation. Piecework and systematically increasing wages, bonuses, intangible rewards and benefits - you have all the possible ways to influence the quality of the call center.

  1. High quality calls themselves

Managers must speak emotionally, purposefully, benevolently. Be sure to at the beginning of the conversation should ask the interlocutor about the relevance of the call. For example: “Good afternoon. Is it convenient for you to talk now? ”Select candidates by conducting personal interviews and evaluating the behavior of applicants. To improve the efficiency of calls, it is necessary to conduct training, “slogans”, do not spare funds for staff development.

  1. Continuous analysis of the results

Statistics of cold calls - an important component of success. It is necessary to track the dynamics of results and personal achievements of managers, and then build further work based on the data obtained.

  1. The call is not for sale, but for the sake of meeting

To buy a product or service, the customer must know everything about them. The duration of the conversation should not exceed 3 minutes, so as not to tire the client and not get away from the purpose of the conversation, and during this period it is impossible to convey all the important information about the offer.