How to improve omnichannel marketing?

Feb. 1, 2019, 11:54 a.m.

1 Answer

Feb. 24, 2019, 7:42 p.m.

With effective multichannel marketing (MKM), companies can increase their revenue growth rates and lower operating costs. Multi-channel marketing technologies allow to fully realize the potential of cross-channel interaction with customers by organizing work with them at all points of contact with the support of effective communications and customer analytics of practical application, based on business intelligence data. Multi-channel marketing is not just an addition to traditional marketing tools, but the main mechanism for coordinating work in all traditional and online channels of interaction with customers.

Within the framework of an effectively functioning multi-channel marketing system, information processing and all work with clients are coordinated throughout the organization as a whole and beyond its borders, allowing us to improve customer experience and build long-term relationships. Taking into account the above factors, we have formed a four-stage process of creating a multi-channel marketing system in a better way:


  1. Rapid assessment of the company's organizational readiness for the implementation of a multi-channel marketing system with analysis at the level of corporate culture, strategy, internal business processes, IT architecture and personnel skills.
  2. The choice of the optimal target format of work on the development of personal interaction based on the results of an evaluation, taking into account the specifics of the target group of doctors and the advertised brand.
  3. Integrating new channels, content management systems, big data analytics tools, and digital services to customize work.


At present, the complexity of work in the pharmaceutical industry no longer makes it possible to treat multi-channel marketing simply as an additional marketing tool. We are confident that the introduction of our approach to the creation of the MKM system will allow companies to significantly increase revenue growth rates and/or reduce operating costs. The proposed method allows us to improve customer experience by optimizing customer interaction procedures and services, as well as to obtain reliable analytical conclusions based on data for a better understanding of customers, including their preferences and needs.