How to improve lead generation using micro surveys?

Feb. 1, 2019, 11:52 a.m.

1 Answer

Feb. 23, 2019, 6:24 p.m.


The analysis process, regardless of whether the purpose of the website is to sell or generate leads, is exactly the same. The first step is to collect data. We must remember that the data must be true (correspond to reality) and useful (correspond to the key metrics for us). The analysis of the data is based mainly on the answers to the questions: what happened and why this happened. Thanks to clearly specified information, we make recommendations - we define changes that should be introduced to improve the analyzed areas. Then, we undertake activities that, in the long or short term, are to improve the company's financial results.

How to measure micro conversions? If we want to measure how many people watched the video on our website - set an event that is triggered by pressing "play". We can do even more: by setting the value of the event "play" as 0, and the value of the event "end of the movie" as 1 we get a factor and thus we check how many users watch the presented movie to the end.

When we want to check how many users have read the information presented on the website to the end - we can use a script that tracks page scrolling. An event can also be a development of a given category or pressing any button (e.g., displaying a contact). Micro conversion is a source of information about whether users engage in the content presented and how this involvement translates into the generation of sales leads.

How to use micro conversion tracking in practice? We can check using A / B tests what content or videos (say, manual vs. video referencing) better affect the conversion rate of our site. Event tracking extends the possibilities of analysis: when we want to optimize our website, it is worth checking how the segment of users who convert at the first visit is behaving. If it turns out that they are watching the movie until the end, we can assume that there is a correlation between this action and the conversion.