How to improve conversion rate for B2B?

Jan. 28, 2019, 1:22 p.m.

1 Answer

Feb. 18, 2019, 11:13 a.m.

In B2B marketing, increasing conversion rate is one of the top priorities of every company. It generates more quality leads and opportunities to drive revenue. High conversion rates mean that the percentage of visitors who have taken some intended action on your website is high. This action can be many activities such as downloading more content (like an e-book), filling out the contact form, or subscribing to your e-mail newsletter. As you see, many of them simply generate new leads. So how to improve conversion rates for B2B? Here are some of the best tactics:

Clear and simple website design
The user-friendly, easy-to-navigate and clear website is the key to driving conversions. If your website still needs changes in this matter, you should focus on that. Visitors should find what they need easily.

The product is the key

In B2B business your product is your service and… you. Focus on explaining what you offer them and tell about your motivation and experience. Perfect website with even the most excellent design won’t replace good offer with a solid product and adequate price.

Establish trust
All you communicate must be trustworthy. Add some testimonials from your satisfied (and real!) customers and improving case studies. Make the contact easy — place contact information with an address, so they will know that you are a reputable company.

Target only high-quality leads
Ensure you are targeting your message to the right audience. Focus on your perfect client and don’t distract with making content for people you don’t even want reach. Analyze your target market and create the best strategy. You must be effective.

Put CTAs in visible places
Don’t hide it too far down and don’t make CTA not clear enough. The CTA button must be visible and a message must be clear. If don’t — visitors will be confused or distracted by the rest of the website content.

Answer the possible objections
This step demands to look at your own business from a different perspective. Of course, you consider your offer as the best on the market, but what would be any possible objections? Write them down and think about your answer. You must convince potential clients, not yourself.