By Aleksandra

Dec. 28, 2018, 5:01 p.m.

How to create content that sells?

What tips or tricks do you have, how do you sell your products?

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to Aleksandra

Dec. 28, 2018, 5:01 p.m.

You must create a set of content that will allow you to establish a strong relationship with your recipients and engage them enough that they will become part of your business knowingly buying your next products. 1. SAY ABOUT THE BENEFITS, SHOW SOLUTIONS Regardless of what you want to sell (product, service, event ticket), focus on the benefits your client will get after buying. Avoid boring descriptions, complicated terminology and unnecessary details. Focus on the most important things, that is what you offer and what your client will receive, what he will learn and what problem he will solve. 2. SHOW DIFFERENT PROSPECTS Have fun with form! Show different perspectives, write about the product in a not entirely obvious way, emphasize different benefits, create stories, present opinions of your clients, discuss case studies, just say "NO" boring communication! If the two content you publish is almost identical, you can be sure that no one will read the third one anymore. Therefore, take care of diversity! 3. DO NOT GIVE UP Do not write that the client can not manage without your product, that without him, he will never improve his life and end up without a family and a roof over his head. Do not be afraid that your offer, which you present now will never be available if you plan to release the next edition in half a year. Of course, be honest, say openly that soon the price will change or that you will have to wait for the next edition, but do not resort to treatments that will simply destroy the trust in you and your brand. To ensure a steady flow of readers, you should be distinguished by the quality and accessible form of the published content. That will help you to create content that sells.