How to check SEO score for the website?

Jan. 28, 2019, 11:57 a.m.

1 Answer

Feb. 24, 2019, 11:25 p.m.


Building and adapting your site to Google's and other search engine requirements is critical to its visibility in search results lists. The SEO test allows you to check the most important elements of the website, which are evaluated by search engine algorithms and affect its position in the search results. Check the status of your website by entering its address on the bar and press the analyze button. Then, let us prepare detailed guidelines for optimizing your site.




Technical aspects of construction

Analysis of technical aspects of website construction such as technology used or the use of frames. The occurrence of a robots.txt file and a site map will also be checked. In addition, the necessary corrections will be indicated to increase the charging speed.


The mobile version

It will be examined whether the site is adapted to mobile devices along with the presentation of its appearance on the screen of the smartphone. In addition, the most important aspects will need to be addressed in terms of the usability of the mobile site and its charging time.


HTML document header

Analysis of the header of an HTML document, the scope of which includes occurrence and correctness of tags: title, description, keywords, and robots. In addition, a preview of the index view of the page under review will be presented in Google search results.


The content of the page

Examination of the content of the subpage for the occurrence and correctness of the structure of headings and images, together with the use of alt attributes. Additionally, the text ratio of the subpage will be indicated in relation to the volume of the HTML code.


The value of the site

The total number of indexed sites in the Google search engine will be indicated along with the date of the last visit of the robot. In addition, a short list of domains linking the site and sample linking URLs will be presented.


The free SEO analysis tool provided for the website is dedicated to both private and corporate website owners, as well as web developers and interactive agencies. The presented results are used for general site evaluation in terms of search engine guidelines and factors affecting the position in the search results. A full, detailed analysis requires an individual approach to each site and checking additional elements.